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Name: Jerry Baccari

Date: 4/17/2020

5 Stars

Ok, so we ordered three pies. One 16’ cheese pie; one 12’ Garlic pie; and one grandma pie, from home in Sherman, CT. Gave us a 30 minute time quote, and they were pretty spot on. Took a few minutes longer to finish the grandma, which is expected. All three pies were really quite tasty! Their sauce is great. They add very little spices, which allow you to enjoy the taste of the tomatoes! Not easy to find pizza of this quality this far north of NYC. Will be going back. Thanks guys. Your stupid pizza was stupid great!

Name: David Kelsey

Date: 4/23/2020

5 Stars

The food is great, the gigantic garlic knots are out this world good. The pizza was perfect crust and the flavor was on point. Can't wait to order again.

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